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Quick Facts
    • Offers consistent production at low operating cost
    • Includes data acquisition systems
    • Available in various capacities ranging from 50 to 400 kgs per hour
Continuous Gas Carburising Furnace
Continuous Gas Carburising Furnace

Hightemp Furnaces Ltd is an acknowledged leader in Pusher Furnace technology, enabling us to incorporate state-of-the-art facilities in Pusher Furnaces – such as full automatics, pick-and-place robot systems and SCADA.


Continuous Gas Carburisers Furnaces are endowed with a single track continuous gas carburising design – enabling consistent production at low operating costs. What’s more, a combination of the latest in sophisticated controls, including data acquisition systems, ensures high quality heat treatment.


Hightemp Furnaces Ltd design of Pusher furnace, like Continuous Gas Carburisers, incorporates complete automatics and pick-and-place robot systems.


Quality and low operating cost is the hall mark of the Hightemp Furnaces Ltd Continuous Gas Carburising furnace.

  • Production capacity 150kg/hr to 400kg/hr
  • Operating temperature up to 950oC
  • Sophisticated controls including SCADA & Data Acquisition can be offered 
  • Option for Endothermic gas or Nitrogen-Methanol system as atmosphere
  • Option for Gas fired or Electric heating with Radiant tubes
  • Fully automatic, PLC controlled closed loop system 
  • Robotic charge handling system for Press Quenching can be offered
  • Ability to process large numbers of different components
  • Modular designs for flexibility and ease of maintenance
  • Silicon carbide skid rails for smooth long lasting movement of charge
  • Pneumatically operated door systems for positive sealing
  • Pusher mechanism designed for heavy loads
  • Automatic  adjustment  of stroke length to compensate for thermal expansion
  • Guiding of quenching oil throughout the charge with baffles located inside the quench tank
  • Gears, Crowns, Pinions, Transmission & Axle components, Castings, Forgings and Engine components.


Metallurgical Processes 

  • Carburising, Carbonitriding, Neutral Hardening, Annealing, Isothermal Annealing, Spherodize Annealing, Normalising, Stress Relieving, Solution Treating & Ageing.