Decarb Annealing & Blueing
Decarb Annealing & Blueing

The Decarb Annealing & Blueing furnace is the outcome of a special design based on advanced Japanese technology for the conversion of non Silicon steel as lamination for motor stators and rotors. This process involves Burn off, Decarb, Annealing and Blueing with the combination of atmosphere to achieve the end result – low carbon (due to decarburisation to the level of 0.005%) and iron loss below 6 watts per kg at 1.5T and 50 cycles for lamination of 0.5mm thickness. 


Hightemp Furnaces Ltd offers semi-continuous and continuous furnaces with ranges up to 1000kgs per hour. The Decarb Annealing & Blueing furnaces that we supply can be heated electrically or gas fired.


Hightemp Furnaces Ltd Decarb Annealing and Blueing furnace can achieve low carbon to the level of 0.005% and iron loss below 6 watt/kg at 1.5 T. The design outcome is due to intensive R & D efforts for the conversion of non silicon steel as lamination for motor stators and rotors.


Hightemp Furnaces Ltd offers Semi continuous and continuous models, either Electric heated or Gas fired.

  • Batch type furnaces
  • Continuous type furnaces
  • Production rate -Batch type – 1 ton/day to 6 tons/day
  • Production rate -Continuous type – 500kg/hr to 2000kg/hr
  • Option for operation with Exothermic gas or Nitrogen-Hydrogen as atmosphere
  • Fully automated, PLC controlled closed loop system for Continuous lines
  • Fully automated, straight through, PLC controlled lines for Batch type
  • Electrical Motor Stampings